Today’s Walk 1.115

When:  Tuesday– Mid-afternoon- 4/24/2018
Weather: Low 80’s with a light breeze
When I head out the door to walk, I am either putting on sunglasses that obscure me from seeing any details, OR I am cursed with some figurative cataracts?  I walk out the door and don’t seem to see anything worth mentioning.  My eyes are prevented from seeing anything of interests.  Am I walking at the wrong time?  Are the oddballs walking an hour before or after me?  Am I taking the wrong path?  I see the same cast of characters every day lately.  They may put on different costumes or rotate between one of the more popular characters. (i.e. dog-walker/biker/jogger)  I just need some new characters.  I need the person who will wear the t-shirt I can’t forget.  (I don’t need another guy going around without a shirt.)  I could use a convoy of bikes with some never before seen quality.  I would even settle for a train wreck or a car wreck–I don’t want anyone to be hurt.  I need something to break the monotony.  I would like to find evidence these eyes can still see something interesting.  If the present pattern continues, I will just “phone the blog post in”.  I used to get them done within a couple of days.  Today, I am doing almost a weeks worth in one day.  What kind of quality is that?  I need to find a new fire for this “series” or I need to find a new topic.

Today’s Walk 1.114

When:  Monday– Mid-afternoon- 4/23/2018
Weather: Low 70’s with a light breeze
Same plot but different situation comedy. Same book but a slightly revised edition
The plot was the same, but it may have been a situation comedy (at its present pace, a comedy nearing its last episode) in a different time slot.  It has become a book that has been read so many times the plot is almost memorized.  Maybe it is even a little like the movie, “Groundhog Day”.  Each walk feels so much like one of the previous walks, it has nothing worth isolating.  I will admit to a mind full of thoughts possibly leaving little room for imaginative pursuits.  I need to hook myself up to some jumper cables and get my observational battery recharged.

Today’s Walk 1.113

When:  Sunday– Late Afternoon- 4/22/2018
Weather: Mid-60’s with a light breeze
The walks are starting to all sound the same.  The day may be different, but the music is still the same.  I won’t stop walking.  I am struggling with continuing the exercise of writing it down.  When nothing extreme happens, it is really difficult to generate interest in something I am no longer interested in.  I see profiles of the same people.  I see the “dog walker”.  I am nearly taken out by the bicyclist.  After doing this for so many days, I just don’t see anything that reaches outside of what I have come to accept as normal.  I need to introduce new segments like, “Andy’s Walking Guest”.  I need something or I am going to become to bored to continue writing it.

Today’s Walk 1.112

When:  Saturday– Nothing- 4/1202018
Weather: Low 60s with rain
I would have liked to have walked today. The weather guys intimidated me. On a day when I am told the weather will be nice, I view clouds as an anomaly. When I am told the weather will be foul and wet, I view the sunshine as an anomaly and the clouds as the expected. If I was committed to walking, I probably could have found a window that would have worked out. I could have taken my umbrella and put my wife on standby. The umbrella would have covered me with light sprinkles. My wife could have picked me up in the car if the “gusher” unleashed on me. I didn’t tempt the clouds. I just did a few planned projects.  This included putting together the new grill.  My oldest daughter got to improve her ratcheting skills.

Today’s Walk 1.111

When:  Friday– Mid-afternoon- 4/20/2018
Weather: Low 70’s. but I am not sure.  I am behind on my postings
I did walk. The rhythm of the walk was nearly inseparable from previous walks. I may have seen a different dog or a different bicyclist. I may have had a close call with some combination of distracted driver/walker variables. The important thing is I finished the walk. I punched the clock as I went out the front door, and I punched it again when I came back in. I marked it off my list. With the expected inclement weather coming, taking today’s walk seemed more important than avoiding it.  I took it without my heart being in it.

Today’s Walk 1.110

When:  Thursday– Mid-Afternoon- 4/19/2018
Weather: Low 70’s with a little heavier breeze.
It was a quick walk. It was squeezed in. I needed to fulfill this obligation so I could fulfill another–going to my daughters’ softball game.
The game was not error-free, but it was consistent with both teams. The game was won in the bottom of the 7th inning. As the home team, my daughters’ team was behind 11-17. The stands were full of students. (Many of the teachers of the school gave bonus points in their classes to the students attended the game.) Between bases-loaded hits, walks from a tired pitcher, and the errors from all over the field, the game did finally end when the 7th run of the bottom of the inning was scored. I found it hard to believe they could score enough runs to win, but they did it. It ended with my youngest daughter at the plate. She watched two “wild pitches” get past the catcher. Two base runners stole home.
After the game, the seniors participated in the final regular season post-game festivities. There were pictures, a few tears, and dirtier, dustier socks as they took pictures of their shoes around home plate. A crowd of parents and the team went out to eat following the game. My early wake up the next morning prevented me from encouraging our attendance.

Today’s Walk 1.110

When:  Wednesday– Late Afternoon- 4/18/2018
Weather: Low 70’s with a light breeze. Even what walking a good pace, the breeze reminded you it was a beautiful spring day. It whispered, “Seize as of much of me as you can!”
Radiating Charm
When I have another day where I feel like a piece of dog poop on the sidewalk that no one will look at or clean up, I will think on this day. On this day, I radiated charm. Those who might have ignored me chose to enjoy the perfect spring day and stay off the sidewalk. (Not a good day for swimming, but a super day for walking.). I merely had to look at people for them to melt and offer me sincere words of greeting. I can’t come up with anything I did differently today. With my recent past having days of the polar opposite, I would like to suggest I was wearing my “joy” today. I believe I loaded my smile gun before leaving the house. As people saw it, they couldn’t help but initiate a warm response. I will try and swallow a few Vitamin S[mile] throughout the day and hope for similar results.
Good pace
When you find a bicyclist who can provide you two favors in your brief time together on the sidewalk, you should be grateful. Today’s winner (the winner of the year so far) was not the fittest rider. He was mid-to-upper fifties. He looked like he hadn’t participated in any triathlons lately. But, he was wearing a safety helmet. As he prepared to pass, he gave the “Coming on your left” warning. He then followed it with a, “You almost walk as fast as I peddle.” I made a delayed attempt at a witty response before he was out of earshot.
Maybe the 80/20 rules apply to all aspects of life. If 80% of the bicyclist want to be impolite, then my objective should be to remember the 20%. If I go a whole day without someone making an effort to be friendly, I need to remember the days when they were friendly. When I am wearing my joy and oozing charm, I need to store up all of the gratefulness I can hold. When the walks are unable to restore me in any way, may I slowly make withdrawals from the rations I have stored in my “joy” vault.