Business and Personal on same login

I had a little bit of a scary experience earlier today…..

I logged into my business bank account (recently it was set up so my personal and business accounts were both available with one login — my business login). A week or so ago I scheduled quite a few bills to be paid (I rarely right a real check most all of them are sent through my online bill pay). I login tonight to pay a couple more bills, AND I find my personal checking account overdrawn….and this is not something that happens often…..

I promptly called the bank to try and get to the bottom of it. And, with really only slight encouragement from the online bank representative, I got the problem fixed.

  1. I transferred the necessary funds from my business checking account to my personal account. And, I went ahead and transferred the additional funds to my personal account to cover my business expenses that I needed to reimburse myself for spending.
  2. I went through and changed all previously scheduled payments so they were drawing from the correct account.
  3. And, I asked that since this was my BUSINESS login that my BUSINESS account be the primary checking acccount. And, despite the help of the bank representatives efforts, he was told that this functionality was NOT built into the application.

Although I certainly had the ability to choose the correct checking account, it just seems that that functionality should have been maintained as the business/personal accounts were joined together.

MORALE: When it comes to your money, assume nothing…..

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