My websites past haunting me….

When I bought my sign site on eBay last year, I knew it had very good placement on a few key words. I didn’t think about it much. I just knew I did not want to change the site. I change a product here or there, but I didn’t do anything to all of the other baggage on the website.

Well, today my ignorance is haunting me. I received an email from the search engine telling me that my site has been bad, and all/some pages will be removed. I will need to make changes and reapply for consideration on this search engine.

I did make all of the changes (the text mentioned in the email was hidden at the bottom of the page), and I reapplied for consideration on the website. My pages are still on the site, so I don’t know if they will all disappear or if some will disappear or what will happen due to my infraction. I get about half the traffic from another popular search engine as I get from this one. So, if I am removed entirely, my business will not dry up. However, it certainly does fill me with dread…

Why did this happen? I reviewed the pages at this search engine. I can only guess someone who covets my spot in the rankings turned the site in. I used to be #1 on a few key terms on this search engine, and I have since dropped to #3. And, once this all plays out, I don’t know where I will drop in the result rankings. And, if the sales slow down, I will just put up more things on the site to sell. And, I will continue to count my blessings for the opportunities the site has provided…

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