Past was Exorcised

The haunting was fully evidenced Sunday morning. It wasn’t screams of an unknown origin, objects moving without visible physical assistance, or smells of events from the past, it was the disappearance of my website on the search engine. I do a and and there were no results. I knew that this was no accident-the haunting had begun. And, the 7050 results that I received the night before, were now completely gone. So, I accepted my sentence and hoped it would not extend to far beyond the 30 days I was serving.

I continued to get used to the idea–I did my mourning all day Sunday. And, when the day was over, I was very used to the idea of having more free time over Christmas and New Years. And, I slept much better this night than the previous two nights.

Monday morning I did another check to make sure the site was still gone. Then, I was talking to a supplier and telling him my story. He went to the search engine and typed in my website, and it appeared. Then, I did the same thing. My first reaction, “It is a caching issue. I have 29 days left in my sentence.” Then I closed my browser, and afer opening it, I tried again–my site was still there. Then, I received a couple of phone calls, and I had them check my site–it came up in their search results, too. Then, I checked my Shopping Cart Tools — it showed I was getting hits from this search engine. Gradually, it started to sink in–I was being paroled! I may have a virtual ankle bracelet on, but I have no reason to summon the authorities as I breach my parole.

Bottom Line: First, don’t do anything to violate the search engine guidelines. Second, if you page is in violation and you receive an email from the search engine, clean up the problem and as to be reconsidered as quickly as possible. Third and finally, expect the search engine to honor their 30 day threat (or whatever the time frame), but be grateful if you are given a reprieve…and don’t be ignorant of the guidelines again!

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