A Good Omen?

I have bought 3 or 4 businesses on eBay. And, with the exception of my sign business, they have all had very limited potential. They have been much more hands on than what I am willing to manage with my hands already full with other businesses responsibilities. Unfortunately, my most recent business falls into this category, but it did lead to a fit….

My most recent eBay purchase involved a business with both equipment and product. Although not very complex, the equipment allowed the product to be converted into something that was much more valuable than the raw materials. And, it was this possibility that lured me into spending some of my hard earned money on its potential. Once the many boxes showed up from the eBay seller, I went through them. And, they everything he promised. The most exciting part to me was having a distributorship of a specialized printer. I thought, “I can make my money back reselling the printer.” And, to do this, I needed to ensure the printer was maintained on the sites it was already being promoted. And, it is here our story begins……

I received a casual email from the eBay seller about a site where the printer was being promoted, and the owner of the “promotion” site was being CCed. I looked at the promotion site, and emailed the owner as to what the site did. He explained it was a B2B site, with over 5,000 products. He explained how the orders came in and how they were all processed–it was a VERY automated process. And, by the way, he was interested in selling the site. And, after some discussion, terms being bounced around, and a willingness to throw in the towel more than once, I put down a deposit check. I felt good about it and went off on our post-Christmas trip.

As, a slight aside, I also started a sister site to my sign site. And, I had been wondering when the first sale would come. Well [here is the omen part], my first sale from my new site came from someone who is in the industry of my new business. And, if it is not an omen, it sure is a convenient occurrence to keep me positive on the whole idea….

And, unless I miss my guess, additional entries will follow about this whole process…..

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