Time for an employee?

Thus far, I have been very fortunate to have people available to help my business just when I needed them. Some examples of this:

  • When I had a large assembly order from my distribution business, I was able to get my brother, warehouse partner and sons, a supplier and his son, and even my foster son to help. I worked hard, but I didn’t have to do it all alone.
  • When I began selling P&G products to my large retail client, I worked an arrangement with my warehouse “partner”. I paid the rent, and he made sure the trucks got loaded and unloaded. And, since he was only called upon 5-7 times per month, it was a pretty good deal for him. And, when we split up, he got to keep the forklift.
  • With very few exceptions, my brother pulls all of the warehouse orders. I order the product and pay for the warehouse space, and he makes the pallet labels and preps them for pickup.
  • Finally, my new warehouse comes with a warehouse manager 3 days per week. As long as my deliveries/pickups occur on those 3 days, I have no regrets about not having an employee.

Well, I believe in the immediate, I can still maintain my “employee-free” status. I had an initial meeting with a potential employee today. And, I think his trial period could be a win-win. My goal is to allow him to choose one of “more-hands-on” eBay purchases. Since he is mid-20’s and looking for an opportunity that gets him excited. I think one of the choices I have collecting dust could be attractive to him. Once he makes his choice, we will establish an hourly rate and a “cost” for the existing business/equipment. As he works his hours to pay it off, he will be working with the Shopping Cart software and other functions that will be a part of his existence as he builds his own business in the virtual and possibly concrete world.

Yes, today was a busy day. I also received information to start reselling a new sign product. 2008 may be a very busy year…

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