I am a pill-swallowing bigot

This is not something I am proud of. And, it is not something I realized was part of my “growing-up” training, but I am a pill-swallowing bigot.

Of course, to clarify, I don’t take lots of pills for pain, addiction, or any other contrived illness. I take a few vitamins every morning (my wife isn’t much of a fish eater, so I have to have the Omega-3), so this is the extent of my pill-popping. I put my vitamins in a weekly plastic container, and I drop all of them in my mouth at one time and swallow them all together. My wife and kids stare in awe…..

My wife coaches the kids, “Put some liquid in your mouth, then drop the pill in. Take in some more liquid, and relax your tongue.”

And, while I can’t disagree with some of her advice, I can’t help but snicker a bit. My advice is more like, “Put the pill in your mouth, and take a drink. Visualize/nudge the pill into the swallowing flow, and just let it go down.”

As the kids practiced with Smarties this morning with the hopes that they will soon be able to swallow their vitamins (graduating from the chewables), I continued to smile and listen to my wife’s coaching. She is better than me at many things, but I can swallow EIGHT pills at one time!!!

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