Doubtful on new employee

My possible new employee was here for another 1 1/2 hours today. His dad is okay with things, but his mom wants everything written down. [I told him to write down what he believes we have agreed to.] He wants $10 per hour, and he may be interested in working toward the other business later.

Frankly, this isn’t turning out to be as much fun as I wanted it to be. I want to help him out, but he is not making it easy. The longer he drags it out, the less interested I am becoming. And, if he insists on an hourly wage and the accountant tells me it isn’t worth getting set up for a part-time employee, I will probably just forget the whole thing. In an ideal world, he is not my idea of a “great” employee. And, the pain of paying him will not produce enough reward to justify the effort both time and financial to bring him on board.


The above is the contents of an email I sent my wife after my meeting. It is now three days after the meeting, and I have not heard back from him. My requests was simple….Since he is not certain what he would be agreeing to if we would work together, I told him to put a list together of what he thinks we have discussed. And, once he completes the list, we can work out the details. And, until that lists comes, I have no need to make any effort to proceed. And, the longer it takes, the less receptive I am to whatever he provides. And, I will just save my money for an employee who can grow my business and not stagnate it.

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