Visit from the crick in the neck

Daddy [me] suffers from an annual [or more often] visit from the “stiffest neck in the Midwest”. And, after two visits this fall, I needed to come up with a solution. Beside the obvious why do I need a solution to my fall/winter neckache?

  1. My wife makes fun of me when I have a stiff neck by looking up at me with a mocking stiff neck impression.
  2. Sleeping REALLY stinks.
  3. Getting out of bed is more a rolling out of bed because my neck won’t allow me to lift myself up. (I said it got STIFF)
  4. Driving is rough–looking left, right and left again when coming out of the driveway is an opportunity for my kids to see what their dad will be like all the time when I am REALLY old.
  5. At church, the bank, or anywhere I go people look at me and try to figure out if it was a sledding or car accident.

Well, no more….I hope. I have decided to give up sleeping on my stomach. One theory is the night chill in our room causes it. So, if I sleep on my side or stomach, I am not exposing my neck directly to the chill. (the sheet or pillow or whatever protect my neck) And, I pop a couple of Advil in the morning if I feel my neck is wavering between stiff/flexible. [Another theory is possible neck strain from shoveling snow etc.] So, December was free of stiff necks, and I am hopeful my stiff neck will reduce its visits to annually, or even further apart…

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