Website upgrade headaches

The website,, has had its share of headaches lately. The most recent was necessary (upgraded for more secure checkout), but not completely smooth.

Some of the problems encountered:

  1. The error pages were not set up correctly. As part of the secure checkout process, the shopping cart URL was changed to And, many Google, Yahoo and other spidered links were not available. And, the subdomain needed its own set of error pages. So, for about a day, this was broken.
  2. Check out problems. Not sure about this entirely, but I have received calls that the order could not be completed online. A few customers mentioned bookmark issues. And, there is the occasional issue with not providing the correct “bill to” address, so until I see a definite pattern, I will trust this is the case.
  3. Some modules not generating the correct link. When using osCommerce, there are many modules that can be installed. And, it appears the modules may need to be changed when the a sub-domain is added. This should be fixed later tonigh by the consultant…
  4. We are behind a software patch-This has caused the removal of the “breadcrumb” navigation across the top. This occurred due to a combination of things–the subdomain was only a part of the problem-I think…
  5. And, the upgrade was delayed. Certain modules did not work with the subdomain. So, my consultant worked for awhile to make them work before the upgrade took place. I HATE delays…

Now, I hope the only fallout of the upgrade is waiting for Google to catchup. Once this is done, I anticipate more sales, MORE products and MORE upgrades.

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