I am just here to help….

I had a customer from Canada yesterday. And, they wanted to buy a sign. After I go through the “shipping will cost more and do you have a broker?” caveats, I sometimes will refer the customer to a similar company in Canada to get a similar sign.

Why would I do this?

  1. The shipping really does cost more. The value of the dollar to the Canadian dollar makes shipping even higher.
  2. If I was making 50% commission, I might pursue these sales a little more aggressively. But, I don’t. Once the potential problems with the purchase are factored in, my margin goes down even more.
  3. The communication with the manufacturer is much greater on orders to Canada. Lets say I am shipping a roadside portable sign to Canada. I always will need to get a shipping costs, but I also need to have broker info. And, besides having to send a copy of the customers sales receipt to the manufacturer, I also need to know exactly where the trucking company will be crossing the border into Canada, and the customer’s broker has to have a presence there.
  4. Customers will occasionally call you and be upset that the GST makes the price of the sign even more. And, I can’t help this.

Don’t get me wrong, I do sell to Canada. And, I enjoy my conversations with some of my Canadian friends. In fact, more than once I have shipped to a US address (i.e New York or Minnesota) and my Canadian customers have driven south of the border and picked it up from this shipping address.

So, if you are in Canada or the United States, just give me a call at SignsSeen…I am here to help.

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