But I have lots of products on my site!!!

After having a goal of placing as many products on my site as possible, I have reached a point where the fallacy of this logic is apparent. And, this is why:

  • Some of the products on my site became more complicated to order when “many” was the goal. Due to my shopping cart software, I created a separate product for EVERY letter of the alphabet. If I would have had one product for all and had a pull down list for the letters of the alphabet, customers could more easily taken care advantage of tiered discounts. (I have now set my signs site up this way for the LEDGO, LetterLED, and Neo-Link.)
  • Some products just don’t have much margin. As I begun the site, I thought, “I will put EVERY possible product I can on the site.” Once supplier costs and the cost of stocking non-moving products are figured in (let alone possible returns), it is just not worth the small profit you will make on a product.
  • Many of the products I have removed from the site were large items that needed some level of expertise to install. As an example, there was a very problematic outdoor LED sign I sold last year. I was very honest about SignsSeen not doing the install. The customer realized this, and did their own install. But, prior to installing, my customer did not test any of the wireless functionality. So, what should have been a very easy process, turned into a couple of weeks keeping a customer happy until the wireless communication issue could be resolved. FUTURE PLAN: I have contacted a new outdoor LED company that works to find the installation company. If this takes place, I will have their products included in teh near future.

What if someone still wants the items I have deleted off of the site? I will either tell them where to go to buy them direct OR I will quote them the product. My goal will always be taking care of the customer. And, if the customer can get a better value buying direct from the supplier, I will let them know. And, if I can’t provide a good value, then I need to find another line of work…

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