Somethings are still almost free…

We have lived in our house for nearly 10 years. And, as all things start to wear out, we have experienced a few of these issues lately. And, surprisingly, some of them were free….

  • The first one was NOT free – Our ice maker on the refrigerator has continued to work fine. (We developed a theory about the cleaning lady and how her appearances correlated to the dispensers performance, but that is not the subject of this post.) BUT, we had an extensive period of having to drink water from the sink when the water dispenser (yes, it dispenses filtered water) moved from “fickle” to absolute revolt. And, after procrastination, two visits from 2 gentlemen who had less than a rocket science education and the parting with a few dollars, it was fixed.
  • Keys can be replaced – The Gruenbaums like to take vacations. And, when we do, our kids rebel if they need to sit on the suitcases. (And, they seem to not be as safe when buckled to a suitcase.) So, we often have our luggage carrier mounted to the top of the van. And, this has proven to be a very good solution for keeping parents and kids happy. However, since the luggage carrier needs keys to lock it, it is essential that the keys be located when the carrier is being used. Unfortunately, we have had the opportunity to test bungie cords as a key substitute, and they are lacking in many areas. When necessity dictates, a phone number is often available to provide hope to those who are concerned their inability to pack lightly enough. And, as I found out recently, it is usually as simple as providing the number engraved on the lock. The charge for news keys is FAR less than a new luggage carrier.
  • I need a sprayer to spray off the dishes – I will never be accused of loving to wash dishes, but marriages are not always about my happiness. So, I do find it necessary to get in there occasionally and “bust out a few”. Prior to the spraying trigger breaking, this was no problem. After it broke, my appearance before the dual porcelain dispenser of cleanliness were much fewer. As I tried to alleviate this problem by visiting hardware stores and searching websites, I did not have much luck. The phone again came to the rescue. On the back of the faucet is a style number and after correctly guessing “Almond” as our color, we had a new sprayer 2 days later. (This is not the venue to discuss style changes since we bought the original 10 years ago and the difficulty in changing the hose out under the cramped sink.)
  • Shiny hardware is important – What started out as a small leak on the top of the foundation in the basement resulted in us getting a storm door on the back door. (Since I have been understating quite a bit, I will just say our builder wasn’t perfect.) After the door had been on awhile, the outside hardware began to tarnish. Since tarnish doesn’t bother me, it didn’t get my attention until it stopped latching entirely. (Others in my household to get more upset with tarnish, though. ) And, after visiting the same hardware store and being told none of the hardware matched, I was told, “Call the manufacture and give them the serial #. And, if though the latch doesn’t work, tell them it is tarnished, and they should replace it.” And, they did–I think. The new hardware should arrive within the week–NO CHARGE.

House maintenance items don’t always come in such bundles. But, when they do next time, I will be much quicker to grab the phone, and look for answers on what is broken.

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