I am not Dr. Mom….

When the kids need cold medicine or a gentle hand with cuts and scrapes, they need to go to mom. But, when it comes to home dentistry, they come to dad. And, this was especially evident this weekend.

Both of my girls had loose teeth. “Dentist Dads” weapon of choice is a standard piece of dental floss. On daughter #1, the tooth was very loose. I tied a loop in the floss, and it easily went around her tooth. She put her hands over her mouth. And, a quick pull of both ends of the floss, and the tooth was extracted. Daughter #2 also had a loose tooth, but it needed more coaxing. The same technique was used, but my daughter provided all of the early floss pulling power. Dentist Dad had to nudge the string into the area between the gum and the tooth. After my daughter nearly gave up and timidly requested to sleep the night with the floss sticking out of her mouth, Dentist Dad performed the final stages of the extraction. She forgot all of her pain, and gave me her beautiful toothless smile.

Just doing me job……

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