Reducing maintenance time of your websites

I have a couple of websites on Ebay. And, I also wanted to have websites to sell products outside of Ebay. I tried one option that allowed me to pay a monthly fee AND a percentage of my final sale. And, beyond financial issues, I never fully used the product. After additional searching, I found Prostores.

A few of the reasons I like ProStores….

  1. Cost: If you have an Ebay store, the cost is about $20/month.
  2. Convenience: If a product is on Ebay, it AUTOMATICALLY is uploaded to your Prostore. And, if you want products JUST on the Prostore, that is fine, too.
  3. Marketing: GoogleBase is an automatic part of the Prostore website. And, Yahoo is also easily integrated.
  4. Maintenance: Easy site navigation when doing backend functions.
  5. Neat little gizmos, like the one seen below, that let you show you site off in all sorts of places…
  6. Integration: I know I stated this in “Convenience” above, but this is key. If you run multiple websites with a small staff (i.e. you), then Prostores is really a choice you need to consider.
  7. Customizeable: I haven’t spent as much time on customizing as I could, but there are many templates available OR you can make your own. A Prostores site can really have the look you want to give it!

If there are any questions about how I use my sites OR if you need some assistance trying to run your own sites, please let me know.


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