To hire OR wait and see…

I am fortunate to being a business that does not seem to be slowing–online portable sign sales. It is only my theory, but I believe the slowing economy has many small businesses choosing to spend a couple of hundred dollars for a sign. It is REAL money, but with the slow economy, they have an even greater need to stand out from their competition. Very typical customers are pizza shops, small retailers, and businesses that are ran out of homes while serving multiple locations.

And, with business maintaining OR growing, I am in the position of determining if I should stay REAL busy OR should I hire a more permanent part-time person to assist with daily tasks? (I use a couple resources, but only for a few hours per month.) And, this is the quandary I find myself in. Do I take on the overhead with the hope of growing some new market niches? Do I partner with an existing business with complimentary skills? Will the economy turn soon? Do I risk growing a mostly manageable business into something that will raise my overall overhead? (i.e. rental space, employees, various government obligations, etc.)

I have been very blessed to have my business, so I will trust the ONE who gave me the business to make everything else clear….

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