My mobile office

I have had built my business to be mobile over the past few years, and that mobility allowed it to move to Texas from Ohio with very few snags. But, when I built the mobility in, I did not realize how I was accident-proofing my business. In the past 6 months, both my hard drive and video have gone out on my computer. And, although I (rather my business) purchased a new computer today, these are the things I have done that have prevented the problems from crippling my business.

  1. I have both a 2-Gmail accounts and 1 Yahoo account. I have had a couple of different internet carriers, but I always felt more confident sticking to an email I could control after I left their service. The assistant I hired shared the one Gmail account with me as we track customer issues, and the other Google account is my personal business email. The Yahoo account is almost exclusively personal with a couple of exceptions.
  2. I set up an Efax account. The allows me to fax and print from whatever internet connection I am using. I also have a MyFax, but only for sending faxes like email addresses – sometimes the MyFax is just easier.
  3. Carbonite has saved me twice just this year. After losing some pictures a few years ago, I was not going to be in that position again. As I write this, my 2nd full restore is taking place this year. If I was relying on my backup harddrive or DVD backups, I would not be nearly as calm as I am now.
  4. Citrix for my Quickbooks. If my Quickbooks went down and I lost records, my business would suffer greatly. But, after downloading a file and relogging in to my account, I have full access to ALL of my business records again. And, the chat that is available within Quickbooks is also secure.
  5. Google Apps: Both of my Google accounts share some files, but MY stuff stays away from my assistants view. And, what we both need to see can be shared. Yet more calm when a PC crashes. And, the “Task” list is not necessarily an app, but it does provide a way for my assistant and I to keep track of open issues.
  6. I operate more than 5 websites. My consultant wrote a custom application for osCommerce that allows me to have a “Super Admin”. I can change orders and download customer data from one application. It prevents me from having to have multiple browser tabs opened for each website.
  7. Google Voice and 1stVoice: They both allow me to provide one # that forwards to wherever I am. A must when you move states, AND when you are not always in your office.

I may have missed something, but if anyone else has any other thoughts or ideas, let me know.

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