Stop That Computer Fretting

I did it yesterday!  I supposedly solved all of my web server problems.  I have been dealing with VERY slow loading web pages on SignsSeen for almost 6 months.  Numerous culprits have been blamed:

  • The Google tracking codes
  • Adding images in a non-normal way
  • Database being too full of products
  • Too many categories
  • Too much happening on the front page
  • Too many custom modules
  • Too many simultaneous visitors

What did I do?  I added more memory–2 GB to be exact.  And, all of that would be great if the site indeed loading more quickly.  I did choose to have the server upgraded mid-morning–even though it would cause customer problems.  Fortunately, my consultants did confirm the web server effectively resuscitated. And, after the consultants get back from their Indian holiday on October 6th, I am sure my web server will finally achieve its own nirvana.

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