Parents with Kids on PayPal

I had one of thos random calls from PayPal today trying to upgrade my service.  It started out the service rep asking about the person who owned over 5 years ago.  And, a little detective work, and she ended up talking to me.

Apparently, PayPal now offers a “feature” for folks who own a few websites but get tired of managing all of the websites separately.  One of the accounts can be set up as the “parent” account and the other accounts are set up as children accounts.  The biggest benefit is all of the “children” accounts have the funds sent up to the “parent” everynight.  And, I did confirm that reconciling the accounts is still a fairly easy process.  So, we will see if I agree when I reconcile next month.

Of course, I couldn’t avoid asking a “cute” question.  My children are my existing accounts and my parent is my NEW account.  My question, “So, which comes first the parent or the child?  The child.”

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