As I took my walk today, I did my normal stuff:  mostly hoping and praying the whole family makes wise choices and seeks guidance when making those choices.  And, my a moment, I thought “I like a little chaos in my life”.  Then, I had to scale it back to, “I like a little unpredictability.”  And, finally, I had to settle for, “I can handle my car keys in the wrong place once MAYBE twice a week.

Honestly, I am probably a little more flexible than that.  But, the goal of flexibility is leaning on the ONE who can give you guidance.  And, when Mr. Flexibility demands a visit, you will ride out the chaos just fine.  Fine?  Hopefully, fine enough that next time there is a struggle Mr. Flexible will be greeted with same attitude of “I knew you would be coming, I just didn’t know when.”

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