Can I give you a tip…..??

I purchased a business a few years ago on eBay, and, for a few years,  the boys helped operate it.  I was preparing to hand it off to my daughters, but my experience of yesterday will probably prevent that from happening any time soon….
The day started with the train ruining my dropping off of my daughters at school.  After running slightly ahead of schedule, the “train” completely ruined any opportunity of being early.  After making a “U-ee”, we navigated to get around the stopped train.  Is a train really allowed to stop for over 5 minutes on a train as traffic continues to pile up?  Just FOUR more train cars!!!!  I still had to modify my “commute” after dropping them off–the train was still sitting there.
After having been gone for a long weekend visiting Harding University, my laptop was anxious to be fired up.  But, it did not want to be fired up to allow me to do any “work”.  It was excited to let Norton scan all of its necessary innards for a FEW hours.  I was not completely unproductive due to my “backup” computer, but it was much less productive than normal.  And, it was the need to fulfill the filter orders that have allowed me to “provide” my tip….
The business in question is providing carbon pre-filters to customer who use small home air filters.  The carbon filter is purchased in bulk, and the filter is cut using circular scissors.  Each filter size has a separate template to ensure the filter is cut correctly.  If the scissors attempt to cut the filter but are not able to make complete contact with the filter, often the template needs to have the scissors ran along its edge more than once.  (The surface we cut on is not completely even, so we generally kneel on the template while the scissors run along  the edge.)  As I was cutting one order yesterday and feeling a little frustrated about my morning, I was doing one of those “secondary” cuts.  Unfortunately, the middle fingertip of my left hand was slightly outside the protection of the template.  It happened pretty quick, but it will be hard to remove the view of my fingertip (very thin, but yet recently a connected part of my body) setting on the cutting mat.  Since the injury was not cauterized immediately, my immediate concern became stopping the bleeding.  And, it took awhile….
  • Paper towels:  These were a constant part of the process.  The fingers are full of blood vessels, and the contents of a few of them flowed out my fingertip.  A few paper towels were soaked on that day!
  • Pressure:  I tried pressure, but since a tourniquet was not going to be self-administered, I moved on to plan C.
  • Cold:  Since it was on the fingertip, I put ice in a cup of ice and made my finger dive-in.  This had some success, but besides fully numbing my finger, it did not adequately slow the flow…
  • Elevate:   Finally due to boredom with the entire bleeding process OR an actual outwitting of the individual blood cells, this solved the problem.

Thankfully, this allowed me to “sort of” get some work done.  Not smoothly or without hiccups, but progress was made on my swelling list…  Two bandaids were needed–one over the top and down the sides and one around the tip.

A bandaid change and a bit of hydrogen peroxide and the finger was put to bed for the night…only a little seepage.  Handwashing has do be done to prevent gravity from prematurely soaking the bandaids, but the temporary modification shouldn’t kill me.
And, why do I write this out?  As on many days when I hope to be productive, God proves he has a sense of humor.  He reigns in our ambition and forces us to accede control to Him!

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