No Longer Taking American Express On Websites

I sure do seem to be a whiner lately!!

Today, I am ticked (again) .  This time it is regarding the policies of my recent nemesis, American Express.  Besides charging me back recently, they took a bit out of me when I refunded a customer for a Canadian sign order.

The purchase price (with shipping) was $674.  The credit card fees were over $23.  When realizing I would not be able to ship to this customer, I completed a refund yesterday.  Typically, when I do a refund, the credit card fees is added back in.  So, my portion of the refund would only have been a little over $650.  The rest would have been supplied by PayPal refunded their fee.  However, due to a change at AMEX (or PayPal), the credit card fees are no longer refunded.  So, my refund of $674 ended up costing me over $697.

Since I am a man of action, I decided to reduce any additional pain in this area.  I called PayPal and let them know that I want American Express turned off on my websites.  And, I had it done to both of my PayPal accounts.  So, I am sorry if you want to check out on my websites using American Express, but their (or PayPals) policies have started to make it a poor business decision.

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