Post Charge Back Thoughts and Decisions

I will admit that any hope a seller may hold onto of winning a charge back is pretty hopeless.  However, as a frequent optimist (all business owners better me mostly optimist), I was holding on and hopeful that American Express would decide in my favor.  I knew the sign had been delivered, and I had provided the bill of lading number for the AMEX review.  The check and loss had already been accepted, but I still gave myself a chance of “winning”.

About a week ago, the debit to my PayPal account took place.  I had already accepted the reality of it, but the finality made me crazy.  Not only was the the sign and shipping credited back to the customer, but PayPal charges $20 for the pleasure of taking your money.  And, as the pessimism snuck deeper into my head and heart, I added up the material cost and labor cost.  These cost with the shipping that won’t be refunded totaled more than $500 more than the charge back.  Bottom line:  I felt pretty beat upon.

[Aside:  My ebay store that had  100% feedback also took a hit last week.  A customer who bought a $5 item felt the need to refer to my customer service as “terrible” and to “question” how I could have 100% feedback.  Well, he took care of my perfect feedback. (I filed a complaint, so we will see if it sticks) He got a refund plus got to keep the product I shipped despite his late request for a refund.  One more customer incident last week and my “Why do I deal with customers and make so little?” would have have had me the “why” with a “no good reason”.  But, yet I hung on….]

One friend felt badly that I was dealt such a bad deal with the magnet sign, that he decided to help me recover a portion of the charge back.  He posed as an insurance claims adjuster.  The conversation went something like this:


“Hello, Eddie”, said Claims.
“We have paid SignsSeen off for the charge back you filed against them. We would like to pick up the sign.” stated Claims.
“What sign?”
Claims replied, ” The sign you purchased and filed a charge back over.  You claimed the sign was poorly made and of poor quality.”
“Oh, that sign.”
“Since the sign is damaged and you are unable to use it, we just want to pick it up to try and get some of our money back on it.  You also mentioned the letters were not working for you.  We will pick those up at the same time that we pick up the sign.” informed Claims.
“I did try and use the letters.  What will you shipping cost be?”
“Do you still have the box the sign shipped in?  If not, it would cost us about $250.” replied claims.
“If it is just $250, I could pay that and save you the trouble.”


So, if my friend gets $250, he will give me the check.  But, this issue combined with the small ebay issue has left an extremely bad taste in my mouth in recent days.  Working nearly full-time for “hobby income” is stupid.  So, the net results of these events, my thoughts and other business & personal issues are I am turning my business of 7 years back into a hobby.  The phones will still ring, but we may not pick up as often.  The orders will still be processed, but they may not ship same day.  And, I am cutting expenses and likely selling less, but I figure I will still net more money.

I can’t think about that charge back without getting very angry.  But, if God needed to use the charge back to nudge my “job” back into a hobby, then I think it can still be a good investment!


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