Summer Project

The Gruenbaum’s read before this summer, but I do take a little pride in laying a plan to keep the Gruenbaum adults and kids reading for a few years…..

My wife:  She has always loved John Grisham books.  Once she was all caught up with his books, her reading was largely reading the next Grisham book as it came out.  After looking on Amazon and seeing many Grisham readers also read Micheal Connelly.  Although she has complained about some of the stories being a little gruesome, she has read 10 or more of these books.  And, she is still going strong…until she needs another new author.

The girls:  Besides doing the reading program at the library, I wanted to give them some additional incentives. Since they have enjoyed my Ipad, I wanted to give them something they could play on AND something they could read on.  After reading madly the first half of the summer, they both were nearly at 100 hours each…their Kindle Fire was nearly in reach.  I let them know if they would agree to read 125 hours each, I would upgrade them to the Kindle Fire with greater memory.  They blew past that goal, and they have earned “kindle” dollars with all reading over 125.  I told them the “kindle bucks” were for books and games during the school year.

The boys:  This program was tailored to the boys individual reading levels.  One son reads quite lengthy books without much effort.  The other son enjoys reading, but does not commit to it as fully as my other son.  So, to take advantage of Amazon discounts over Father’s Day, I went ahead and bought their Kindles.  They need to reach their reading goals by the end of summer.  If they don’t, they owe me for their Kindles.  Thankfully, I feel confident they will both reach their goals.

In total, we are now a 5 Kindle family.  We buy some Kindle books and share them around.  But, if the library has it and the book is to expensive on Amazon, none of us our to proud to read something borrowed.
Not all leaders are readers, but I hope the readers of this family will be!

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