College Visit and HPB Visit

You know you are a bit too much of a book lover when you are planning visits to Half Price Books stores after extended drives.

Jeff and I are visiting Oklahoma Christian University on Labor Day weekend 2013.  As we are making our plans for the 3+ hour drive, I am putting all of my important things in the car:

  1. My 54 oz QT cup.  It is ready to hold the vital “black mango” tea.  I try not to travel more than a few hours without.
  2. The address in Edmond for the HPB store.
  3. Address for Oklahoma Christian.
  4. Some Christian music CDs.  (Switchfoot is prominent in our selections.)
  5. And, a swim suit.  (The basic travel change of clothes and jammies is assumed. 😉  )
I am looking forward to spending a few hours with my son, Jeff. Since he was not early to get his permit, the drive to Edmond will allow him to log about 6 hours for the round trip.I would prefer to sleep like he generally does when we drive any distance, but I will likely have to settle for being a 2nd set of eyes to my 2nd born.

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