The Guy I Met At Jeff’s Physical Therapy

I met a very nice guy at Jeff’s physical therapy session today.  (Really his only session.  His wrist was doing fine, so they were just doing exercises to make sure it is gaining on the left hand.)  Definitely not an intimidating guy.  He used his wheeled walked and starting coming my direction, so I cleared the chair so he could sit down.  He had a pocket on his walker with a few papers in it.  It was cushioned to keep him from banging any of his aching appendages.

Our dialogue went something like this…

“What are you in for?”
“Bad knee.”
“The one God gave you or a replacement.”
“The original one.”
“That’s good”.  (Me)
“Yes, I have some water on my knee.  And, it needs to be trained and then some PT.”

He then goes on to tell me he has been married nearly 67 years.  That he has been retired since 1987, and he used to be a engineer on the Santa Fe railroad.  His great grand daughter (2 daughters, 6 grandkids, 8 great-grand kids) is a trainer for the Trinity football team–they are in the 3rd week of the football playoffs.  And, he is a WWII veteran of the South Pacific.  Before we are to far in the conversation, he handed me a  religious tract.  I was not offended that he handed me the tract, nor would I have been if I wasn’t a Christian.  If all members of our society could discretely make others aware of their values without worrying about offending them, life would be easier and we would start to be more tolerant as a society.  Right now, it seems the thin-skinned sissies are making the rest of us feel like we are horrible people because we have an opinion that differs from theirs!  I may be a horrible person, but it is not because of my opinions. 😉

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