The End of An Era…..??

It was a early May morning in 2006 when SignSeen and I met.  We took awhile to get to know each other.  After I understood her better, I moved her around a few times and paid different “doctors” to look after her.  When necessary, I brought in experts to help her in areas she was week.  Unfortunately, I think I am falling out of love with the girl….

The internet just isn’t what it used to be.  She used to be more forgiving.  And, often just showing up was enough for her to take money with the promise of product being sent.  If money was spent to bring visitors to her door, she seemed to know just what to show them to make the sale be completed.  She knew what she needed to do, and she was not distracted as easily as she is now.

The older she has gotten, the more and more difficult it is to keep her as popular.  Once she was cute and had enough for most any visitor.  But, as she has aged and failed to get the necessary face lifts; she has lost her allure.

And, as poorly as I have tried to develop an analogy for my website, the bottom line is I am running out of steam for the old girl! Due to technical mistakes (some by me and some by my developer) and a refusal to continue to spend money on marketing that seems to have less than satisfactory results, I am trying to summon one last bit of energy to push the site into a healthy place.  If it makes it, YEAH!!  If not, then, I count on something else to come.  If maintaining a website and breaking even is a worthy goal, then I need to find other goals to try and attain.

I have been letting other parts of my past businesses stick around.  Many of these past businesses are just slightly annoying, but not really big time commitments.  This list includes:

  • My business selling to a large retail chain from Columbus, Ohio  Now, this business is just maintaining the customers existing products.
  • My purchase of an eBay business selling backyard pond supplies (lasted a little over a year, and then let it go to business partner)
  • Purchase of another eBay business. A website was set up to easily update ebay store, but the expense of the site eventually made it unattractive to pursue heavily.  Now, it is just a small eBay store with a sister website—minimum orders without much expense.  However, the eBay store has provided a venue to sell product from other businesses.
  • Purchased another sign site to try and take advantage of the SEO on the site for “sidewalk signs” and other keywords.
  •  I tried to create a variety of other sign sites from the VAST set of domain names I have.  The headache of maintaining became more than I could successfully handle.  I was stretched to thin.  I  am suspect the stretching done by the multiple sites was the push into the land of “no return”.  (Or, if not “no return”, it won’t be a clear path back…)
What business is next?  I don’t need one, and I am not writing off the one I already am working.  I will see where the sign site goes and what experiences I have between now and then.  I will do something. And, if I am lucky, the “something” will be clear.  If not, I will still do…

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