The US In A Few Years….

The story describes what is happening in Seattle now that smoking pot is legal.  It is not legal in public, but a frustrated group of police offices are finding it hard to arrest those who are likely not to be prosecuted.

Can we really be surprised?  How far can things be tolerated until people are in danger or businesses suffer?  Apparently pretty far!!  The criminal elements of our society will continue to seek what they can get away with it.  And, a culture/city/country that tolerates this type of behavior is destined to realize their errors. They, of course, may not be able to do anything quickly to remedy the situation, but they will realize the slippery slope they have been riding at some point.

When laws are passed that benefit a “criminal mind” or are ignored in a spirit of “tolerance” and acceptance, the cards are being shuffled and the dealer is preparing to give each player the hand they deserve.

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