Weak Leaders Smell Differently

I don’t enjoy reading stories like this!

Chinese naval vessel tries to force U.S. warship to stop in international waters

I know some people (read: Presidents) think that they are respected and loved by the world.  But, I believe there egos are getting in the way of their discernment!  Of course, this is not a Democrat only issue.  But, right now, it is VERY MUCH a democrat issue!  When the US negotiates with countries who are more than dabbling with acquiring a nuclear bomb and holding Iran-Americans in prison for trumped up charges, then we know we know our “smell” as a country has changed.
I will China would be nicer, but they are a godless country and they see an opportunity. Why not see how far they can push things with the US?  We are indecisive on foreign policy and when are indecisiveness goes the wrong way, we recommend our contractors and state dept employees don’t talk about our mistakes.  (Benghazi)  We are reaping what we sowed.  Unfortunately, the true reapers won’t be the present sowers.  May God provide leaders for our children’s generation to help them navigate the every-more-complicated world!

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