President Obama smelling cowardly again…
President Obama does it again!  He makes a decision and won’t be man enough to be there to answer questions.  The “teleprompter-President” will not be going to the coming Olympics–there is no time in his schedule. (He was able to find time to go to Mandela’s funeral and fit a selfie and handshake in…)  Or, could it be that he is sending a gay person to represent the US and he doesn’t want to be there to address any of the issues that it will bring to light?  I do think more and more people are waking up.  They realize he hides behind his decisions and only comes out when he has to….for no other reason than his title forces him to.
Maybe if they come out with special Google glasses or some other glasses that will allow him to fulfill his need for a teleprompter without tripping over his previous lies when having to adlib…..oh, there is that problem of him not wearing glasses.  If he starts wearing them, watch for it! 😉

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