Leftover Breakfast

The satisfaction of cleaning out the cupboard

The satisfaction of cleaning out the cupboard

The kids know I am VERY big on getting rid of leftovers.  This is normally a topic that comes up around dinner time.  (If it is around the holidays, mom may have made a breakfast casserole that would also fall into the “leftover” category.)  In fact, I often announce the night before  tomorrows dinner will be leftovers.  (This is sometimes determined by the number of plastic containers full of food in the fridges [there is a preferred leftover fridge and shelf in the fridge] or by the kids schedule and my ability or inability to prepare something of value.)  During the summer time, I will often offer bribes of Yogurtville or picnics to entice the pool-dwellers to stretch a little extra as they make their dining choices.  (Are you sure you want that?  If you take a couple scoops of this we can finish it up entirely.  Or, similar things a coach might say to his athletes to try and squeeze the maximum performance out of them or their appetites.)

No such excitement occurred today.  (However, last night it was announced it would be warmups for supper because their was a High School away soccer game.)  Due to the girls needing to get to school early (Rachel is on the scholarship team and had to go over her math problems), I needed to pull together breakfast quickly.  And, cold cereal is often the choice of quick breakfast choosers.  (I am not a fan of pop tarts.  If I was, they would win both the quick and transportable award.)

My viewing of the cereal cupboard convinced me it would not be a normal breakfast.  I knew 2 of the 3 open boxes were in the orphan category.  (Where there is so little left and what is left is mostly crumbs or in the case of frosted flakes, it is was sugar.)  After dumping a half cup or less of the raisin bran and frosted flakes, my bowl still looked very lonely and lean.  My daughter volunteered the box of Lucky Charms.  Not being particular partial to Lucky Charms (likely some residual belief from child hood.  My mother could easily have told me once that marshmallows in your cereal gives you acne or some such thing.  Whatever the story, I have not eaten marshmallows for breakfast in decades.)  The addition of the Lucky Charms seemed to make the bowl “about right”.  Once the milk was added and the “floating rules” were all applied, it looked like I was eating Lucky Charms with occasional variety in flavors.

Would I do it again?  Oh, sure.  I could choose it, but if it chooses me (or my OCD that demands the consumption of leftovers demands to be heard) I would fill the bowl.  My spoon and I would enjoy another adventure.


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