Boys Liked The Book Thief

The weekends are for family time.  When you are a frugal family, you check to see if any good movies have graduated (or demoted, but for my dollar the “graduation” mean more buying power).  This past weekend, The Book Thief had made its move.  I felt certain the girls would enjoy the movie.  My concern was whether it would have enough action for the boys.  A different movie, 47 Ronin, started a few minutes later, so I thought we could all see a movie we enjoyed and the whole crew would be happy.

The girls started in about being tired or needing to sew or needing to rest or, what is most likely the case, just needing to be teenage girls without having to share a row in a movie theater with adults.  This, of course, complicated our decision.  Our 7th grader needed to do a project for school on the Holocaust. (The Hitler Youth…I think)  I felt confident the movie would provide some good background.  Since they won’t be our “girls” much longer, I still lobbied strongly (some may describe it as threatening to a point nearing duress).  Once our youngest son thought the thief might be fine for him too, I gave in and stopped applying pressure.  It was decided they would stay home and the rest of us would go.

When we got to the theater, I bought 4 tickets to the thief.  (Our oldest son thought he was still seeing the Ronin flick)  No popcorn, but the normal LOTS of previews of movies that did not seem to fit the standard profile of those who might enjoy the movie.  (One of my 7th grade daughters classmates was at the movie with his parents.  Obviously, he was not going to relax in his efforts to strive to be valedictorian.)  Not sure when TV shows started advertising during the previews, but I don’t really care for it.  I believe my family (and many of the families there) did not care about a family of millionaires showing how bad their behavior was every week.  For me, it was a reminder of one network I don’t want to watch.

Both Judy and I enjoyed the movie.  And, the boys both seemed to enjoy it as well.  So much loss and so much suffering.  Likely, not as many deaths as in the Ronin movie, but definitely quite a few.  Whether it was the deaths or the softening of the teenage-nearing-adult hearts as they witnessed the suffering of individuals rather than “warriors”, the boys/men enjoyed the movie as well.

I cannot say for sure, but I am guessing they are more mature than I was at their age.  And, if this is so, then they probably have a chance in surpassing me emotionally AND every other way….

3 thoughts on “Boys Liked The Book Thief

  1. Peter, my husband, and I saw the Book Thief recently and liked it. Peter has already read the book too. I am about to start reading it now. Has anyone in your family read the book yet?

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