Where Are The Good Kindle Books?

I have had my Kindle for over 3 years.  I love my Kindle!!  (I say that even though my first Kindle was defective…rather the cover was.  The cover hooked into the Kindle in a particular way.  The hook was just a “little” too long.  Knowing that, explained why a slight bump at the wrong angle would reboot the Kindle.  I endured this off and on for over a year.  I missed the recall, but Amazon replaced everything and handled it perfectly.)  I have bought numerous books (mostly while at one day or short-term sales and while using Amazon Gift cards acquired from credit card points), picked up many books for free while trolling the Amazon-site or reviewing Kindle specific Facebook pages, received numerous free books every month as an Amazon Prime member, and finally, used my library account to get free books for a two week period.

Let us take for granted enough money and patience can allow you to eventually find a book to bring you reading pleasure.  Finding good free resources has been my recent problem!

Many of the free Amazon books are nearly unreadable.  (The exception are when an author permits a very popular book [usually the first book in a series to lure a reader in to the entire series] to be free with a plan of hooking the reader into a larger purchase additional items by the author)  Of the books I have read or tried to read, (I fancy books in the fantasy area OR the Christian area with dabblings in biographies, literature and history.  Business books are less than dabblings…better described as very occasional flirtations.), I have found it difficult to get past more than a couple of chapters. [Please note above exceptions]  The characters are flimsy; the reader is not engaged, and the lack of basic story telling skills seems to be VERY difficult to ignore.  Many of these books are written by individuals without an editor.  They are published without some professional feedback.  (Friends and loved ones have given feedback I am sure.  Unfortunately, they prefer to say “great” rather than hurt someones feelings.)  I am not saying the authors are failing.  As I see the covers of the “free” books, I have an expectation of the story the tome will tell.  Usually, the text of the book falls far short of the incredible journey painted by the cover.  (This has always been the case, but with access to so many free books where “fail” becomes the normal rather than the exception, the commitment to seek satisfaction within the “infinite” number of books available makes for a more demanding reader.  Why read a bad book, when you have access to so many other free books with possibly one you might like. Of the many books in the fantasy area, many seem to be urban fantasy and/or vampire books with strong elements of romance.  As a middle-aged man, those are not topics I am presently, or likely ever, seeking.)

Even with the “nearly” free Amazons books ($1.99), many of these books are also in the unreadable category. (After a recent quality reading drought, I read a book a called The Rithmastist .  It is well plotted and although written for a teenage audience, it reveals the story through a variety of methods-dialogue, observation etc. AND it was purchased while the price was reduced.) These books may be books offered to Amazon Prime members for free, but available at a cost to those who are not Amazon Prime members.  So, they are not free, but in most cases, they are not written by authors that have access to all of the tools available to a Dean Koontz or some other established writer.  There are some quality books in this mix, but it takes patience.

The greatest success has come from getting library books on my Kindle.  (Not a perfectly smooth process.  While the previous process allowed for checking out a book and returned prior to the 2 week checkout period, the process now demands you hold on to all checked out books for the full period.  If you get a book you don’t enjoy, there is no where to drive to return it.  You wait it out until the email comes letting your know your sentence has been nearly fully served.  “Would you like to renew?”)  To overcome logistic issues, I am able to checkout books on two separate cards.  I am able to reserve books I am pretty sure I want to read (the hold limit is 3 per library card).  And, I am able to check out up to 3 books on each card.  The problem is checking out a book (or 3 books) within a couple of days of each other.  If I completely read or don’t like the books checked out within the 2 week period, I am stuck until the two weeks expires. (This is where the second card has benefits.)

Due to the rather negative take on available options, I will try and propose solutions on my next post.  It is not impossible.  You just need a little patience!

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