Can I Afford Not To Go After This Business….

I receive an email or two like this a week.  My reading of this email leads me to believe they want me to provide a full list of the products I offer.  Maybe I am in dire need of a personal touch, but I am pretty sure I am not the only random email this was sent out to.  Most of the other emails ask me to reply with the credit cards I take.  Maybe this line was dropped because it was turning off too many people.  😦

The company is listed here:

I wonder if a “Misty Smith” works there?

Here is the Google+ page?  They look pretty active, don’t they?

Bottom line:  They may not live in Nigeria (maybe they do, but are trying to appear otherwise).  They are just thieves wanted you to think they want to give you an order.  Thanks, but I have better ways of wasting my time!


Dear Sir/Madam,
Tiger Development Inc,is a procurement specialists company, we are always interested in working with suppliers and vendors to provide our clients with high quality goods and services. We are interested in making an order for our coming event and the items will be giving out to our clients an incentive.

Please provide us with the technical specification and models available in stock.

We look forward to receiving your reply soon.

Yours Sincerely,
Misty Smith (Admin).

Company Name: Tiger Development Inc
Address: 3701 Perkiomen Ave # 3,
City: Reading
ZIP : 19606****************************************

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