The “Custom” Option

FacebookChange_021314I was a little disappointed as I tried to use the great new Facebook feature. (Google+ plus also provides a choice other than male/female, but it offers fewer additional options.)  Previously, I apparently found no need to display my gender.  I attempted to get this set up this morning.  And, it was a little frustrating!

After choosing “Custom”, I wanted to put something that was not entirely “gender” related, but it was something I wanted others to know about me.  (I am definitely a male, but I thought I could use this feature to better describe who I am.  That is what most of the “custom” people use it for, right?)  I attempted to make my own choice of custom gender, but these are some of  the choices I was given:

Gender-A Gender-B Gender-C Gender-D Gender-M Gender-N

Who knew there were so many options?  I don’t think God made this many.  And, if I wanted to choose a gender of “Forgiven” or “Sinner” it is as descriptive as those available options.  Is it possible that by obscuring our gender(our similarities) and trying to over-emphasize our differences, we become less of a country “United” and are becoming more of a country “Divided”.  Certainly, this is not a political issue, but we know it is…..:-(

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