Getting My Hair Cut At The UN

Just across the street (not exactly across the street, but once you wind out through our subdivision, it is across the street with a slight “jig” or “jag” thrown in) is our closest Great Clips.  Their computer can pull all of us up by our home phone number.  They know what attachment to use to get the right length on mine and my sons hair.  (The men of the house are on the 6-8 week haircut cycle.)  And, they know who cut our hair the last time we were in.

Today, I did have an American cutting my hair.  We talked about how good it is in the US.  (I did have to mention, “It is not as good as it used to be.”, but people do still want to come.)  Next door to us was a hairdresser from Nepal.  She has cut my hair a couple of times.  I don’t remember much of what she told me, but I remember her telling me during her last visit, she saw the trash piling up in one city.  In the work station behind me was the hairdresser from South Korea. She has told me stories at past haircuts about relatives in Korea.  (Sometimes it is more answering my questions than telling, but it I don’t want to appear to be to inquisitive.) She doesn’t go back and visit

Lastly, their is a beautician from Afghanistan.  And, this one is a tough conversation for me.   I have to make sure my questions are not overly judgmental. She has been very open about some of the things she experienced there.  Her husband has a back injury, and he is not able to work.   It sounds like she still has a hard life, but not as hard as it once was for her family.

My local Great Clips (and practically all of America) is populated by immigrants.  Our whens and our wheres differ, but likely our ancestors came to this country within the past couple of hundred years.  As legal immigrants, our ancestors worked to become citizens.  And, as citizens, they realized the responsibilities associated with this status.  For the US (or any country who accepts immigrants) to continue to be the force it has been, the new immigrants (and those who are here but never really legal immigrants) must tolerate/accept ALL responsibilities necessary to maintain a countries greatness while embracing each of the privileges the country provides.

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