No Cookies For The Trackster

My son and I ran a few errands after church.  After the haircut, we ran up to Walmart to get a few items for lunch.  Although Oreos (not really Oreos, but the generic brand) were not on the list, my son could not help but grab a couple of bags.  Not just regular bags, but double stuffs.

We were not home for long before the “tracker” (she runs distance on the track team) saw how we had cookies she was not supposed to eat.  (I can look at them all day and not need to eat them, but this does not apply to the rest of my household.  Gummy bears on the other hand….) She moped until lunch and through most of lunch until I had a genius idea (mother disagreed on the quality of the idea, but big brother embraced it.)  Why not allow each person to grab a few cookies from an open pack and put them in their own bag.  Before placing them in the bag, lick them to keep your siblings from being tempted to eat those you have licked.

Brother excused himself from the meal and immediately ran to the cookies and grabbed a bag.  He grabbed 5 or 6 cookies from a row and just ran his tongue over the whole stack.  (My upset daughter did get her 3 or 4 cookies.  She saw this as a reasonable quantity and not to greedy.) It is not how my parents would have solved the problem, but when all of the kids are happy and mom is rolling her eyes, the idea must have had some merit. 😉

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