An Exciting Opportunity To Quote For A Customer

One of those periodical emails came in yesterday.  It is maybe a little different than some of the emails you have received.  (I used to be a member of a promotional products organization.  So, I get the emails you get [if they are not blocked by my spamguard], plus other email based on whatever groups I have been members of.

The email reads like this:


Hello Sales,

I am making inquire if your company stock below items as urgent
need for my company promotion at an event. Kindly advice pricing on
the items below. 1 color imprint .

USB Flash Drive ( Capacity 4GB )…….Quantity…. 1700 UNITS

Your urgent response will be appreciate  ASAP

Jude Lahm ( purchase manager )
Oriented Standard Inc.
Email :


Often, this is accompanied by some type of questions about what credit cards I accept and how (if the items are larger) I ship the product.

The top of the email was also accompanied with one of these:

This message may not have been sent by:
Meaning, this email was not “evil” enough to qualify as “spam”, but you should be cautious.
Lesson Learned:  Trust your Spam filter.  (It may be fun to see what current spam messages are popular.  I have done this a few times.  It seems “new” spam messages come in waves.  A whole page of my spam folder can be filled with nearly the same subject line.)  And, if random emails still come through, don’t be afraid to hit the button to send the email to the depths of purgatory.  (You are not deleting the email, but are telling your spam filter [in my case Google] to look out for more emails that look like this one)

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