Spring Color Comes To Town

CIMG4692CIMG4690 CIMG4691

With all of the warm weather, it is not unexpected to see the color come to our neighborhood.  The daffodils are very familiar from my Ohio days, but not sure about this other plant.  Very pretty pinkish blooms–I am glad I had my camera on the walk today.

The other “color” of spring is not nearly as pretty or photo-worthy.  As I drove back from dropping the kids off at school yesterday, a buzzard or some other “road kill” eating bird had pulled a squirrel from the middle of the road.  They sat with breakfast in the middle of a neighbors sidewalk eating. It looks like they left the uneaten part of breakfast for the homeowner to find. (Possible the source of “off-color” word choices when the carcass is discovered by the homeowner.)Texas grass will NEVER be the blue grass (It is not really blue) of my Ohio roots.  It is still brown and slow to consider other color choices.

Regardless of grass, blooms, or animal life, my favorite spring (very, very frequently Texas in general) is blue.  I have really become addicted to blue skies.  When the sky is blue, the sun is out.  And, I have about a 90% chance of a good day!

Got to go now – I have a track meet to enjoy under some more blue skies!


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