Ashes While In Your Car


I am not a Catholic OR a member of a denomination that actively participates in a Lenten tradition.  The Church of Christ does not do an Ash Wednesday service.  Nor do they preach giving up “anything” for Lent


I have seen the pictures in the paper and stories on the internet.  I respect those who devoutly participate in Lent and seek to grow closer to God through the entire process.

That being said, the “getting ashes in the car” seems to be wrong.  Locally, I saw where this was done by an Episcopal priest. (I am sure somewhere a Catholic priest probably did the same.)  Should the priest come out to your car and put ashes on your forehead without you even coming into the church? Some people seem to believe getting to heaven involves marking a few things off of a list before you die.  If you have marked these things off the list and if your good outweighs your bad, you are in.  This is where my concern comes about.  If anything spiritual is done out of a sense of responsibility and it does not have a “heart” component, then it is worthless in the eyes of God.  If things are done to grow closer to God, they are good.  (I am a little particular as to what God I grow closer too.  So, I guess I am VERY particular on this point.)

We are all accountable to God for our decisions.  All things spiritual to you, may not be spiritual to me.  But, if I was Catholic and desired to have ashes on my forehead, I believe attending the mass would be a part of the whole experience.  If you were part of Ash Wednesday, I hope you find yourself growing closer to Him throughout the year….but with a special emphasis on this Easter season!

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