Who I Met At Daughter’s Track Meet

As I walked into the track meet, I look up into the bleachers.  There was a gentlemen standing in the stands who made you say, “He must be a professional athlete or something.”  And, as it turned out, he was.  It was Herschel Walker.

As I sat in the stands and watched, he had numerous kids who sheepishly and respectfully approached him.  They asked for autographs, pictures, and hand shakes. As I watched him, I don’t think he seemed annoyed–not even once.  Even though his son was participating in the meet, he was very welcoming of anybody who approached him.  As I walked up to him with my girls, they were giggling and trying to remember if he won the cooking contest he participated in on Food Network.

I am not great with celebrities or people who have a bit more social standing than myself.  And, I do not believe Herschel Walker felt he was any better.  As I shook his hand, I said, “Thank you for being a true sports hero.”   I only said this because I believe it.  If there were more retired athlete like him, maybe it would be a little easier to respect those who participate in his “old” profession.  Of course, by today’s standards, he wouldn’t be considered an athlete–he has no tattoos!

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