When Neighbors Become Accidentally Nasty


Tree producing the seedsCIMG4701Lots of Elm Seeds

We live in a very nice neighborhood.  The neighbors on both sides of us also have pools.  However, our elm tree strongly favors one side of our yard.  And, this is the source of the occasional friction with the those on the other side of the fence…..

The elm seeds are annoying in almost all areas of their life cycle.  The seeds that don’t make it into the pool, usually make it into the flower beds.  And, they are not content to just end their days there.  They insist on germinating and growing into “weeds” with LOTS more below-the-surface-gripping-ability than the standard weed.

Those that find the pool as a landing place, may float for awhile before being caught in the skimmer.  Or, if they are floating-adverse, they will hopefully find a resting place on the pool floor where the “auto-vac” can easily suck them up.  The second picture is the fruit of the skimmers efforts after a windy night.  Once the skimmer gets to full, the pump may shut down because no water is able to penetrate the thick mass of tree “wannabees”.

Please realize this is our tree.  It also gives us shade and a way for squirrels to get handy access to the roof of our house.  Our neighbors have no such affection.  They have to deal with the spring fruit of our trees labor without having to fake any real affection.  Although we have never seen them vent their frustration with all of the seeds that visit their pool, we have seen possible actions on their part to “subtlety” let us know they are wishing for a selective case of dutch elm disease to visit the neighborhood.  At least twice, we have found the contents of a skimmer basket dumped into our yard. (please reference the above picture to get some idea what this might look like.)  Both times there were nice piles of seeds that were just waiting to dry out before being carried into the deep recesses of our garage.  (i.e. Under shelving or into some corner that is not easily accessed.)

I am hopeful the trees pruning of a couple of months ago has negated the trees impact on their pool.  If not, see if he mentions it the next time I see them out.  If he raises the issue, I may mention that dog of theirs that insists on “yapping” at me even though he has known me almost 4 years…. (I guess I am not perfect neighbor either)

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