Mild Case of Rejection

Just to be clear, I am an adult.  I know the world does NOT revolve around me.  However, a couple things this past week did not go the way I would have planned them….

First, I was looking at a business on eBay.  (I have existing internet businesses, but I was hoping to find something to get excited about–the other business has slowed)  I saw the business listed previously, but now I decided to try and contact the person who listed it.  (I am being vague on purpose–it should become clearer as the story unfolds.) After a couple of days, he provided his phone number.  And, the following morning, we were given the chance to talk for about 45 minutes.  The person I was speaking to had been involved in organized crime.  He had served a couple of years in federal prison.  (Searching the internet on his name provided a few other colorful stories of his business exploits.)  After getting out of prison, he had consulted with various individuals to provide information to the government on how to protect themselves from people with his expertise.  And, now that his criminal pursuits are denied him, he has started a business on the “straight and narrow”.  Due to age and health issues, he wants to sell this business.

At the end of our phone call, he promised to send a couple of emails–which he did.  I think we were fine up to that point.  It was my response to his emails that may have sent us the wrong direction.  I let him know, “I know how important it is to talk to my spouse (my wife is an attorney) about the possible decision I might make.  I did tell her a little bit about your background.  She is a little concerned, but she does trust my judgement.”  I think the “attorney” information dried up the lines of communication.  So, granted this is a rejection, but sometimes I view a rejection as God giving you a “you don’t want to do this” wake up call.  So the first minor rejection….

Secondly, I was planning on going on a mission trip with the church.  I attended an informational session.  I found out most of the trips are done as a twosome (i.e. husband/wife, parent/child or a whole family).  Because my family was all tied up this summer, this was not an option for me.  The coordinator said we could work something out where I could be included with another group.  After a few emails and an additional meeting with a couple I was to be paired with, I was having doubt that spending two weeks in  a foreign country with near strangers would be a fulfilling experience.  The wife of the potential team seemed to embrace the idea of me being part of their team; unfortunately, her husband did not give a similar vibe.

This past week I sent an email to the coordinator and the husband/wife team.  I was making them aware I would not be participating.  I was not expecting a “dripping” email response, but I thought they would reply with something.  BUT, they didn’t.  So, I chose not to go on the mission trip and made it look like it was my inability to commit to the trip.  I didn’t say, “I am not going because I really don’t think he wants me there.”  Oh, well.  The rest of the week was pretty good!

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