Just A Walk In The Neighborhood….

It was just a normal walk in the neighborhood.  I had already walked 3 or 4 miles earlier in the day, but I always save a post-dinner walk for my wife.  A few of the highlights…

  • Due to my previous walk, my tachometer was set a little faster than my wife’s speed.  It is a normal occurrence.  I eventually back off or she speeds up, but it all works out.
  • A mother was sitting on the front porch with a baby on her lap.  Her phone was extended and likely in “selfie” mode.
  • I got bit my one of the neighbors dogs.  As we walked up on the neighbor, she was being pulled 3 different directions by all 3 of the dogs.  I commented, “You better watch it, or your arms are going to get longer.” (A reference to her getting stretched.)  As my wife and I continued to walk, I either smelled like chicken or the largest dog in the group was defended his owners honor.  I ended up with a little bite that barely broke the skin. Did I mention it was a bite?  I give the owner credit for asking the question where she really only wanted one answer.  “Are you okay?”  I did not give her full satisfaction.  I responded, “Yes, but it did break the skin.”  We quickly walked on.  My wife had to listen to my rantings for the rest of our walk–she is a saint.
  • We saw another neighbor walking her dog.  She chose to cross the street and walk on the sidewalk on the other side of the street rather than allow her well-behaved dog to even consider tasting me for my resemblance to chicken.
  • We danced through a couple of sprinklers as they seemed to be bored with merely wetting the grass.  They needed the challenge of seeing if they might encourage grass to grow on the concrete.  You think they would have learned last year.  Certainly, sprinklers have to have a very low IQ.
  • When I wasn’t ranting about the dog, we discussed our VERY interesting days.  We discussed how we are so much skinnier than we were in high school. 😉  And, how we only love to eat foods that are good for us.  And, oh yeah, how we want to do the same jobs we are doing now until we keel over.  And, when we got through all of the chit-chat, we ended the walk realizing we are pretty lucky to have ALL we have.

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