My Reading of An Atheist Book

Do to a family member having some spiritual questions, I wanted to try and read a book about atheism to try and get an understanding of what this extreme view looked like.

The book i am reading is Generation Athiest.  This book is a grouping of stories of how a variety of people “came out” as atheist.  Many of the people seem to have problems with the biblical take out homosexuality. Some grew up in a charismatic church.  And, many grew up where one or both parents put no real priority on a Christian world view.  Many of the participants in the book made it seem like the Christian world view was so oppressive.  Those who came out may not all have grown up in Christian homes, but it seems like giving up the faith of their youth was a way to remove guilt.  It gave them a freedom they did not feel they had while practicing a faith.  When you don’t have to think about hell, praying or becoming closer to God, they did not have to deal with ALL of the responsibilities of having a faith.  They can still be great people, but it is not because of a God they don’t believe in.

Many felt the need to be “activist atheist”.  They created groups on their college campuses or organized protests of prayers at their high school graduations.  Almost all of the participants used the word “religiousity”.  I think the word means anything religious.  But, as I read the word, I can almost picture each of the participants in the book sneering as they used it.  Richard Dawkins was also mentioned by most of those who participated in the book.  They may not have a God, but Richard seemed to certainly be a prophet of their practice. Many mentioned they hadn’t told their grandparents and/or very reluctantly told their parents.  Also, how they were so happy they were atheist even if they were rejected by their family members and ostracized from their friends who “really” weren’t their friends.  And, if this is the case it is sad.  However, maybe it is just convenient to always blame the Christians even if the atheist-proselytizing just annoyed the Christians.

The book opened my eyes a bit.  It did not change my beliefs.  One of the participants asked the question, “What if the Christian faith is not real?”  He felt comfortable answering this questions by being an atheist.  I think the bigger question is, “What if it IS real?”  What if at the end of your life you find out their is an afterlife?    What if you are an atheist and you find out your selfish, close-minded, pro-evolutionary view were your undoing?  What if eternity (whatever it looks like in the place where nonbelievers go) is a constant reminder of the self-focused life that made you so happy while on earth?

Atheist are still in need of a Savior.  They convince themselves science can solve it all.  But, at least they are not hiding behind a “fake” faith.  They are letting you know they are not “saved”.  Pray for wisdom and patience!  God can break down any barrier, but He has to be the one to break it down using His people on earth.

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