Finally Finished Watching Chuck

My wife, second son and myself finally finished watching all 91 episodes of Chuck last night. It was one of 3 or 4 shows that we alternated back and forth with.  The Walking Dead, Amazing Race and other shows have been in the rotation over the past few months.  We attempted to screen new shows for life “after-Chuck”, but as of yet, we haven’t found one.  (We have tried The Following [too graphic] and a couple of shows with aliens or dystopian themes, but nothing else has risen to the top.)

When Chuck started, it was goofy and entertaining.  I enjoyed how they handled Chuck evolving into a “spy”.  Or, more appropriately stated, Chuck’s version of a spy with different versions of the Intersect and the inability to pull a “real” trigger.  The tension between Chuck and Sarah was part of the fun.  He was crazy about her, and she couldn’t (wouldn’t) admit she liked him.  The emotional sparring was what made the show really “fun”.  But, as their relationship evolved and became more permanent (i.e. marriage) the lack of tension became more passion.  And, the story lines became more “gal” friendly than previous “guy” friendly.  I still was able to enjoy the show, but as we watched the last episode last night, I felt no regret.  It was relief and satisfaction of a task completed.  I am looking forward to the next show we can enjoy as a family.

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