If I Were God….but, I Am Not!

My son who is still at home works at Chik-Fil-A.  Since he has refused (he says he is too busy and is saving me a car insurance payment, but I really think he likes being taxied.)  While taking him to and from work, I will sometimes throw out questions of a spiritual nature.  The other day, I asked, “What do you think about freewill? If I was God, I would have pulled it after they messed up.”  (The atheist book I was reading recently had been my inspiration for these type of thoughts.  Atheist [many anyways] seem to think that religion restricts their life and their ability to really live.  Many look down on Christians and their commitment to a God who, in their minds, has provided no evidence of His presence.)

His response was a little more serious than I hoped for, “We have to have freewill so we can choose for ourselves.”

Because he has been working lots and is preparing to graduate from high school in a few weeks, I will forgive him not realizing the irony in my question.  If we did NOT have freewill, we could not even entertain the idea of truly having it.  And, this highlights the difference between how God responds to these type of issues and how we as humans react.  As humans, we often lose a privilege if we do something wrong.  God has chosen to allow us to keep our freewill.  And, as an added bonus we get to die and live our lives trying to reestablish the relationship that was so easily available before sin came into the world.

It is for this reason I know God is not human and exist on a completely different plane than we react.  God is patience and kind and loving.  As a parent, my patience will wear out and I will grow to resent my kids.  God continues to give us mulligans and do-overs.  And, we still maintain our freewills throughout the process.  Earthly parents want (i.e. demand) honor.  God is willing to work with us to bring us to Him despite the battle waged by our freewill to do so.

If I were God, the world would have been recreated and destroyed many times over.  (That is, if I could forgive myself for creating it and messing it up the first time) God knew what He was doing, and He continues to navigate our world to its eventual end.  I may not love every day of the ride, but I am glad I am able to get their without blind obedience.  I can be angry at God while still being obedient.  When the anger disperses, God is still there.  He knows when we look to Him we do it because we want to give our freewill back to Him.  And, if we are just considering giving our freewills to the cheapest bidder, eternal life is a pretty good exchange.

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