Friday Morning Driving Karma

With a slightly late start and the traffic lights wanting to admire my naturally handsome smile by making pausing and stare at numerous of their kind, I was a little bit more intense than usual as I took my disguised school bus (going to school, but not yellow–yes, I felt it a little awkward, too) toward the schoolish direction.

As I drove the street of my special school shortcut, a parked car on the right entered into traffic.  At the STOP sign just a few yards from his house, he turned right.  Unfortunately, so did I.  With a speed limit of 30 and this vehicle barely going 20, I was looking for any excuse to get around him.  When he pulled to the right curb, I thought he was going to park and stop.  My instincts were false.  He kept driving and my effort to pass him was greeted by a need to immediately floor it to get around the on-coming traffic.  All was fine.  The car with the problem (I realize I also had a problem, but from my perspective, it was all him-it was only when reflecting back on it to I even suggest I was slightly in the wrong) made a right hand turn and cleared the road.  My daughters gave a slight jump.  I made some sort of experienced-dad comment like, “That was more interesting than it should have been.”  The drive to school continues.

This week has been a bad week for trains.  Karma was not to be robbed.  We here the horn announcing the trains impending road blockage.  As the track come into view the gates are down and the train is slowly crossing the tracks.  (Many times this train will stop on the tracks.  Yes, we have sat through it a few times.  We have tried to outrun it to the south and cross before it blocked the tracks, and we have strategized on ways to avoid it in the future.  The “leave the house early” has saved us many a delay, but see paragraph above….)  Today, we chose to turn right before our normal crossing place and be satisfied with crossing the tracks at a road slightly to the north.  This did work out…kinda.  Because of the cars backed up on the other side of the train, the “plan” of turning left after crossing the tracks on the different road did not work so well.  By the time we made the left hand turn and wound our way through the residential streets seeking our normal school path, the train had cleared our “regular” spot.  Karma-One; Andy-Zero.

The school drop off went okay.  Yes, we were later.  Yes, there was more traffic.  Courteousness remained.  I was on the road again ready to avoid any Karma remaining in my morning drive.  I did avoid most of it. (maybe he laid no additional traps or I was too slippery for him to catch me.  As a rule, I do cut through another neighborhood that runs past our church to avoid a few lights and LOTS more traffic.  I may have scored a point or two against Karma here.  If I didn’t see it, it can never be tallied.  I have far better things to do than seek out traffic reports of alternate routes to defeat a fictitious nemesis.)

As I made my last “real” shortcut, Karma did try again.  This time it was a car accident on a two lane road where the accident was in my right turn lane swelling into almost two lanes.  After staring at a bumper wondering if a turn was available while the traffic light seemed VERY slow to change, I took the matter into my own hands.  A quick left turn gave me an alternate option to my desired road.  The rest of the drive home was nothing a little normal traffic light patience could not handle.

With a possible recognition by Karma of my elusive nature, I was able to pull into the driveway 5 minutes before the trash truck arrived.  With the trash out, Karma (I hope) will put me back into the “to-do” jar.  And, with any luck, my name will not be drawn again for quite some time.

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