A Tear In the Time Space Continuum


After running a few errands last night (picked the girls up from school, picked up son from school and taking him to work, ran to Trader Joe’s in downtown Ft Worth so the girls could replenish their need for some sort of “cookie spread” stuff, a quick meal at Chik-Fil-A, and a few items at Sams), we were on the drive home.  When to my amazement, I looked up and saw the RacTrac lowering their price on gas.  I was already kicking myself for not getting gas at Sams for $3.219.  When I saw this (see above) price change, the ability to cut across 2 lanes of traffic to make it to the turn lane seemed like a privilege.

After pulling in at the pump, I needed to verify the pump matched the sign.  And, it did.  I took a look around the lot and everyone appeared to be dressed in the appropriate dress for our temperature and era.  (It just seemed so very ironic that I was able to watch them change the gas price.  It is like a small tear was opened up just for me to creep into it. ) Maybe other peoples lives are more exciting then mine.  As I was filling the car, I expected others to be going, “Can you believe they just lowered the gas price?  I wonder what the special occasion is?  Is there a price war going on?  Maybe I should look to see if one of the other stations is cheaper?”  Without any of this dialogue to distract me as I waiting for the gas to finish pumping, the “tear” theory seemed to become much more of a possibility.

I completed the transaction…making sure the gas price did not spike somehow in mid-fill-up.  As we left, I again looked at the other patrons.  They all looked fine.  However, it kind of seemed like their lips were moving extra slow and their movements were somewhat choppy.  My daughter snapped the picture as we left just to make sure I had not imaging the whole thing.  Fortunately, the needle on the dash went up to full, so wherever it was I got the gas, it was substantial enough to actually take up space in my tank.  Also, I was very careful to leave the “tear” the same way I entered.  My obvious concern was if I entered the continuum in the wrong place I might run into myself back at the house.

Finally, the new day was born and ran my girls to school again.  The gas station who sold me the cheap gas was now back to the price my gas was lowered from.  Neighboring gas stations had raised their prices almost 25 cents.

The summer blends were supposed to be at the pump on May 1st, so the only “real” thing I can figure out is the gas station was told to change the price 25 cents.  They got confused and temporarily lowered instead of raised.  (Later that night a gas station in close proximity to this station raised theirs 25 cents. ) My biggest disappointment is I was only on a 1/4 tank when I stumbled upon the tear–fumes would have been better. 😉

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