Plenty Salty Here


We love our pool, but it does have a few maintenance jobs I am not fond of.  I survived one of them a couple of weeks ago.  The pool filters got all plugged up, and the pump stopped working.  This was cause for an emergency filter-spray-out party.  The girls get their suits on and help get all the junk out of the filters.  It takes some time, but we usually do it in the spring and fall, so we have it down pretty well.  Its urgency may sneak up on us, but we know how to handle it.

My issue of the other day was not quite as simple.  About 3 years ago, we put in a salt water pool system.  It saves having to mess with chlorine.  The chemicals are pretty easy to deal with (We take a sample to the local Leslie’s.  They test the sample, and tell us what to do with the water.  They tell us what order to put the chemicals in if we have been excessively negligent.), and the bags or salt are usually the only big thing to worry about.

Recently, the light on the salt converter had been reading the salt was low.  Knowing it had been off a bit in the past, I ignored it for a couple of weeks.  As the red (green is good) persisted, I finally gave in and yielded to its request.  Within a few hours of putting in the bag, I was glad to see the indicator go green.  However, the green soon went back to red.  Getting the water tested confirmed my concern–the indicator was broken.  Our salt was about 20% higher than it should be.  A call to the pool pump installation company put them in agreement with the previous testing.  So, now we get to the picture…..

Within the salt converter are little fins where the salt is converted to chlorine.  The cleaning process involves muriatic acid.  It has to sit on the fins for a bit to digest/eat/loosen the buildup on the fins.  After getting creative and accidentally flicking some of the acid on my once dark purple t-shirt, the muriatic acid did its work.  Unfortunately, after a few hours, the indicator still showed low.  Since the pool company mentioned a possible need to re-calibrate the salt indicator, I let them know.

As with many things, time does fix them.  And, 24 hours after, the indicator is working fine, my shirt has regained some of its original purple, and I have captured this ordeal to supplement what every deteriorating memory challenges may await me.

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